Academically Excellent


Christ-Centered Education


Loving Community


Grades 1-5


Grades 6-8

School Hours

School Day

Monday - Friday

9:15am - 3:30pm

Extended Day

Monday - Friday

7:15 - 9:15am

Monday - Friday

3:30 - 5:45pm

  • Excellence

    Academic excellence taught with Christ-centered values to prepare hearts and minds of children.

  • Faith

    Caring, dedicated staff who model faith-based core values and meet the individual needs of children.

  • Family

    A loving, family-like community.

Upcoming Events

Christmas Concert

December 8, 2015
White Bear Lake

Kindergarten Experience

January 18, 2016
White Bear Lake

Kindergarten – 8th Grade Open House

January 18, 2016
White Bear Lake

What People Say

  • My daughter loves and respects her teacher so much. She feels challenged and supported, and it’s great to see her so motivated.


  • The other kids and families at Magnuson are such a positive influence on my children. You can’t take that for granted. Magnuson is a really special place.


  • At MCS, whenever a child or family is dealing with crisis, the staff leads the children to support them through prayer and acts of kindness.


  • Magnuson is an incredible blessing to our whole family!

    Zach & Jenny