Magnuson Parent Teacher Partnership (Parent Association)

Magnuson Parent Teacher Partnership, or MPTP, is Magnuson Christian School’s parents association.

Our Mission

To create, build and grow a community that actively and prayerfully supports and encourages the Christian education of the children at Magnuson Christian School.

Who we are

This is a volunteer organization made up of parents/guardians whose children attend Magnuson Christian School, MCS teachers, and MCS staff.

Because parental involvement is so critical in sustaining the values and building the future of our Christian community, Magnuson Christian School encourages parents to become involved with their children’s education through programs such as the Magnuson Parent Teacher Partnership (MPTP). We believe in “Building One Another Up” through good works, prayer, and a solid commitment to ensuring positive growth for our school and children. MPTP is about being part of the greater “Magnuson Family.” Our goal is to offer all who participate genuine support, fellowship, and fun!

The MPTP plans a family event at the beginning of the school year and a picnic at the end of the school year. We plan Family Fun Events to give everyone a chance to get to know one another and have some fun. We also offer a variety of fundraising activities that provide easy and practical ways for families to help the school raise the money it needs to provide the high quality of Christian Education our children need and deserve.