“A loving, family-like community”

  • Community that Encourages all Students to be their Best and Find the Best in Each Other

  • School Pride and Fellowship is Promoted through School Sponsored Family Events

  • Supportive Atmosphere which Builds an Extended Family Network

  • Volunteer Opportunities that Develop School/Family Partnerships

  • Staff who Create Open and Ongoing Communication with Parents/Guardians

Magnuson Parent Teacher Partnership (Parent Association)

Magnuson Parent Teacher Partnership or MPTP, is the Magnuson Chistian School’s parents association. Find out more about our MPTP here.

Cross Generational Activities

Magnuson student with senior citizensMagnuson students partner with Lake Area Discovery Center preschoolers and share events with the senior citizens of the church. First Lutheran Church members serve as Study Buddies for students who need extra academic support or enrichment.

Extended Day

Magnuson Christian School provides a comfortable, relaxed, and creative environment for children who need care before and after regular school hours. Extended Day is offered each day that school is in session. Activities may include: after school snack, homework time, games, outside large muscle activities, computer time, or free choice time.


The White Bear Lake School District provides bus service to students residing within the White Bear Lake School District Area.  If you would like to receive transportation to Magnuson for the upcoming school year, please fill out the White Bear Lake Non-Public Transportation Request form and submit it to the White Bear Lake Transportation Office.

Forms should be submitted by the end of the first week in August.  Submitting them earlier than the first week of August is appreciated.  If circumstances change, you can submit a revised form or call the White Bear Lake Area Schools transportation department at 651-407-7538.

The White Bear Lake Day Care Provider form should be filled out and submitted if your child will be at a daycare provider’s location for transportation. All forms can be found on our Parent Resources page.

All transportation forms are also available on the White Bear Lake Area Schools website, here.

  • Magnuson has provided our daughter, Olivia, with a safe, loving & faith-based environment. Each member of the staff knows Olivia very well and takes genuine interest & concern in her well-being.


  • It’s amazing what my kids are learning about life. They are getting such a deep foundation in the love of Jesus, and their commitment to “love their neighbor” inspires us as parents.


  • While Olivia is thriving academically, because of the faith-focused attitude at MCS, we see her relationship with God growing, gaining core values, good moral character and Olivia is learning about the person she wants to become.


  • We believe in the mission of Christian education because we think it is so important, critically important even, to grow a generation of Christians who are well-educated, well-rounded, and well-rooted in their faith.

    Pastor Stephan Turnbull, school board president

  • Having been at a different school prior to this, we are so grateful for Magnuson! Now we have a peace and know we are where we should be. What a joy it is to drop off at school each day, both for the parent and for the child.


  • Our son is thriving academically and socially because of Magnuson’s small class size and dedication to nurturing the whole child. We love being part of the supportive and spirit-filled Magnuson community.


  • We love Magnuson Christian School for many reasons; our children receive a quality Christ-centered education in a school where the teachers deeply care about developing our whole child – their heart, mind, soul and body.


  • The teachers and staff help us, as parents, by reinforcing our family’s faith and values. We love that prayer and seeking God’s wisdom and guidance is an integral part of their school day, this is invaluable to our children’s spiritual growth.


  • It was hard to make White Bear Lake feel like home when we moved here from out of state and left all of our friends and extended family in Iowa. When the Magnuson Community began to grow and develop, I knew that we were home because the people here became our extended family in MN. We look out for each other’s children because we genuinely care about who they are and what they will become.